A ten-minute timer appears when the party attempt to escape Karnak Castle from an explosion. The timer continues during battles and the party must win a boss fight before escaping. If the timer runs out, the player receives a Game Over.

The esper Odin is located in the basement of the Castle of Bal in the Merged World. Upon being found, he must be fought as a boss before being acquired. There is a one-minute timer attached to this battle; failure to defeat him in one minute results in a Game Over. The timer disappears after the battle is over.

In the Sunken Tower, a timer with seven minutes appears simulating how long the party can survive without drowning. The timer stays in battles and therefore stays during the Famed Mimic Gogo battle. The timer goes after the battle despite still being underwater.

Codes (Advance Version Only)Edit

This only Work in Final Fantasy V Advance.

Stop Turn Timer

  • 19C9D8B71EB8




Stop Detonation Timer

  • 96EBE898B773