Some attributes
First Steal = Thief's Gloves, Elixir

Drops = Luminous Robe

Second HP: 44,044

MP: 10,000
Level: 66

Third Status Immunity: Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Old, Stop
Other attributes
Fourth ABP Yield(s): 27

EXP: 0
Gil: 0

Fifth Location: Rift

Type: None

Necrophobe, also known as Necrophobia, or Necrofobe, is a boss and a Demon of the Rift in Final Fantasy V. He is hiding in the final area in the Interdimensional Rift, and if the party defeat him, they are rewarded with the final save point.


Necrophobe is invincible when the battle begins, as he is surrounded by four barriers. As long as he has a barrier, he cannot be targeted by spells or attacks. His barriers will constantly attack the player party with strong magic and attacks, but Necrophobe himself does little.

Once the barriers are gone, Necrophobe is weak to everything.

The player should not kill Necrophobe too quickly, or they will miss the scene with Gilgamesh, which will occur if Necrophobe has less than 10,000 HP left. Gilgamesh will sacrifice himself to erase the last 10,000 HP from Necrophobe.


You should use Zeninage to kill Necrophobe, magic attacks will only be reflected. Don't forget to cast Guardian here. The magic barriers will use all the big spells like Holy, Flare etc. Once the barriers are down, and you got Necrophobe's HP below 10000, Gilgamesh shows up and does the rest for you.